TFAGI advises athletes, coaches and organizations. While our primary function is to identify and support athletes in reaching their full potential TFAGI also understands the impact coaches and organizations have on the athletes ability to succeed. We feel it is crucial for us to have relationships with both coaches and organizations. It is very simple; better coaches and better organizations will generally produce better athletes. That is why TFAGI believes in the success triangle.




Athletes who want to pursue professional careers and athletes who are currently professional athletes. We have a unique approach to athlete advisement with a particular focus on understanding the athlete needs and providing guidance on all decisions small or large the athlete has to make in their professional journey. We work closely with the athlete, their families, and their representatives, providing valuable feedback and support.


Coaches who are looking for athletes or who desire input on their programs and methods can benefit from the resources TFAGI brings to the conversation. We make coaches better by helping them to expand on their vision and push themselves to become better coaches.


Organizations can benefit from the unique perspective TFAGI brings to the table. We help organizations to implement programs that result in greater efficiency and improved results.